Welcome to Jothy Coir Products

Who we are
Our Vision

Jothy coir products is one of the leading exporters of coir products located at Pollachi (Coconut city of India). It was established in the year of 2007 by the highly educated young professionals with the background of organic farming and with the optimistic thought to make our environment green, with the experience and the knowledge gained in the organic farming we stepped in this green business to promote and provide the high quality ecofriendly products which make our Globe Green.

How We Work

Tree Climbers picks the fruits and harvest from about 25 trees per day.


A skilled husker can manually split and peel about 2,000 coconuts per day.

This action partially the husk's pulp, allowing it to be separated into coir fibers and a residue called coir pith.


Separation of bristle fibres in a machine consisting of rotating drum fitted with steel spikes.

Mattress fibers baled with a hydraulic press and loosely twisted into a thick yarn (wick), and wound into bundles.